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We build custom applications and client portals to enable further digital maturity for your organisation.

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We start with your needs
and deliver a splendid solution.

After gathering all requirements and a thorough analysis, designers and developers work in parallel towards clear 2-week milestones.

Kickoff & Analysis.

With multiple workshops we gather all your needs and shape them into a functional analysis, a technical analysis and a wireframe set.

UX & Design.

Page and navigation structure, visual components, color schemes, ... Your project is taking shape.


With a clear tech stack at our fingertips, we start coding your project. At the end of every sprint we deploy new features to a staging server where progress is made visible.

... ... ...

Dalta developers team

Each project is unique, so is your Dalta team. We set up a matching team with a project manager to get the best result.

Minimum experience level

Decent planning with sprints

Eager to go the extra mile

Dalta coding blocks

Don't reinvent the wheel. We onboard prebuilt and maintained Dalta coding blocks where possible to accelerate the application build. E.g. authentication flow, payment processing, ...


A big heart for open source.

We've always been super enthousiast on all things open source. That's why we picked some widely adopted technologies to build great solutions.

React JS

Javascript library for building kickass user experiences. A good combo of functionality and elegance.



Solid PHP backend framework backed by a huge community of enthousiast developers.

Risorsa 33

Drupal & Symphony

When it comes to Content Management Systems, this is our all time favourite. Widely embraced because of its flexibility and scalability.

Your company owns valuable data. Time to make it visible.

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